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Pocket Tutor develops mobile educational software for children. The form factor on handheld devices is ideal for traveling youths who are always looking for mental stimulation. Our mission is to foster higher learning by applying the latest technology to age-old learning concepts.

Pocket Tutor has several educational software titles on mobile devices. Children can also play directly online using modern browsers or download from Windows 8 App store.

Available Software

My Wordsmith - reading, vocabulary
Alphabet IQ - reading, pattern recognition
Counting Roses - counting from one to twenty
Balance Keeper - addition, subtraction, logical thinking, and basic algebra
Word Seeker - reading, vocabulary, and memorization
Flash Alphabet - reading
Time Tracker - time telling, addition, subtraction, and counting
Flash Math - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Space Sage - reading, vocabulary, space news

We are constantly developing new educational software. Remember to check back with us periodically for the latest updates and titles. Enjoy ...